Fotoshoot for Cine Cars

On wednesday 2th october we had a very nice fotoshoot with the guys of Cine Cars! Great pictures and a short movie, pictuers are posted here  and the film is comming up soon!

When you love Claccis Cars visit this website Cine  It’s in the Dutch language but these films don’t need words!!

If our film’s online we’ll post it here!

Searching for missing parts – June 2013

chairsluiter2When we bought this so34 we knew there were a few specific parts missing like the folding chair and the cargodoor cabinet. The last one will be reproduced by an company here in Holland. Reprowesty , specialised in Westfalia interiors. They will repro this cabinet with doors made of an old formica fifties kitchentable.

Very nice are the new cabinet knobs that we have bought in the USA.

Still have some big issues to solve with the rear floor from formica.  But I believe it was a marble mat because I found a little piece of it under the cabinets. Both very hard to find but we will find a solution for it.

Also the pin to hold the kitchencabinet is missing, see picture. The aluminium plate’s to hold it we’ve both found on the internet. So our cabinet is still swining in the back if we round a corner, so if anybody knows one please let us know.

so34 brochure pictureOne of the things on top of our list is new upholstry. Repro fabric just like the one it originally came from the Westfalia factory. That would be one of the major things we would like to do after het paintwork.

And all the “common” missing parts are not with te bus, like the Mauser bowl, the Hünersdorff waterbottles. We hope to find them and complete our so34 camper.

Subhatch restored

subhatch lid subhatch lidThe subhatchlid was in a bad condtion. On first site it looked good but when we examined it futher we discovered a small hole right next to the hinges.

So we discided to take of the steel plate from the OG frame and weld an new plate on it. The original hinges are also used so we now have a very strong and solid subhatch ready for paint.

Splits at the Lake 2011

This saturday we went to Nuenen, to visit Splits at the Lake and we had a great time! The weather felt like summer and we met so many nice people.

Two of them also own a flipseat, it was really great to see their busses and figure out how the missing parts of our bus should look like. Learned a lot about the so34 and full of inspration to work on the camper.

Also met a few SBS (steeringboxscrapers) members from the UK, they knew our bus and its former owner.  Again we discovered that it was a big thing for some poeple, that we removed the “big” SBS sticker. “Golddust” they told us….its now in our bin…sorry!Steeringbox scrapers

This year (2013) we will be there!

Work in progress

Tonight we finished a couple of doorpanels. It looks very nice, because they where missing. Tomorrow the kickpanels will be refreshed and we hope to complete the cabine in a short period of time.
Our goal, for now, is to get everything on the camper complete and working. Not included are the rare westfalia items like the water juggs, washbowl and the folding chair. That will take some more time i’m afraid. But maybe with some luck??

For now we hope to get all the not working parts in a short time. So when the weather is nice in september we maybe could go camping with the camper.

In the shop

This week the camper is in the shop, not far from where we live. Some nice VW guys will give the bus the TLC she needs at this moment. After the trip from Cornwall a few things needed to be repaired. The correct bolt from the schift linkage, the bolt we lost at the M25 near London. Shifts now straight and clear.

Afer that new shocks were mounted, the airrides had to go because the bus is so low, we couldn’t pass a speed bump normally. It’s better now, but we still have to work on it to make it more usable.

Registered and MOT!

At the RDW for a Dutch registrationThis wednesday we went to the RDW to get an Dutch registration. She passed without any problems! Thefresh MOT (25 aug. 2011) was OK and is equal to de Dutch APK. That meens no checkups anymore. So up tothe shop for some repairs that are really needed.